Sales & Service

Being your source for the entire portfolio of the world's favorite brands is a win-win for both of our businesses. Because we understand your customers and what they want, we continue to innovate with new products and packaging that generate sales for you. And because we understand your business, we strive to deliver the best, most efficient service to you. How can we help?


You're Important to Us

"We make, sell and deliver the best brand in the world, every day! The biggest part of our success is in making sure our customers know how much they are appreciated and how important they are with each interaction.  Every phone call to a customer gives me the opportunity to build a working relationship and allows me the opportunity to partner with my customer in building both their business and that of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated.  We have to 'know' our customers in order to build rapport.  With rapport comes trust which gives us the opportunity to build their product base.  It is my pleasure to assist my customer with any issue that may arise; more importantly working with them proactively BEFORE the problem presents itself.  That's why every phone call I make, sale or no sale, my final response is "Thank you for selling Coca-Cola."

- John Griffin

"With all of the choices customers have today, I believe that customer loyalty and repeat business, comes down to excellent customer service. Just one unpleasant experience can be a huge setback.  As an employee of CCBCC, providing excellent customer service is a part of our brand. My ability to extend excellent customer service to our customers means that I consistently go the extra mile, gain trust, build long-term relationships, listen, and learn along way. As a consumer,  I know what I expect; that sets the bar high for me with regard to the way I serve my customer."  

- Sandi Grace

"I find joy in paying attention to the smallest of details in regards to what my customers need; they appreciate that.  Here at Coca-Cola Consolidated, giving remarkable customer service to our customers IS our focus. Our commitment to delivering the best customer service experience has always been, and remains our standard. We have a proven mark of quality, with friendly and professional consultants - all of whom are determined to meet the customer's need - with a Coke and a smile!"

- Stephanie Little