Stewardship / Community Involvement

Corporate leaders at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC) firmly believe that good corporate citizenship is based on stewardship, the careful and responsible management of that which is entrusted to our care. As stewards, everyone in the CCBCC family is responsible for being an integral and caring member of the community and being accountable for conservation of our valuable natural resources.


From it’s beginning in 1902, CCBCC has proudly been an active part of the communities we serve, striving to reach-out to those in need through philanthropic and service-oriented programs.   Of particular concern are those programs focused on meeting the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of children and families. We continue to be a proud sponsor of youth programs, local YMCAs and educational and recreational programs in schools, colleges and universities in our sales region.


CCBCC’s corporate Stewardship Program manages and coordinates numerous educational, community service and assistance programs that encourage employee volunteers to utilize their time and talents even if it means using time during the regular work day.


Home RepairsCCBCC employees, supported by corporate sponsorship, have spent countless hours in such activities as making home repairs for senior citizens who cannot do the work themselves, building affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity for our low-income neighbors, as well as completing community and park beautification projects that benefit everyone. CCBCC teams and individual employees continue to volunteer at hospices, homeless shelters, prisons, community centers, retirement homes, youth shelters and assisted living facilities, to name a few, always bringing a smile and a comforting hand to those in need.


In addition to being good neighbors in our community, CCBCC believes that stewardship of natural resources, particularly the water we drink and the air we breathe, is also a corporate responsibility. Overall the US beverage industry has been efficient in its use of the water needed to produce our products however, at CCBCC, we are proud to operate some of the most water-efficient plants in the world, far exceeding industry standards. 


For CCBCC, water conservation means reducing use of water and recycling water waste in our manufacturing processes without compromising our stringent quality standards. For over a decade, CCBCC has managed its own waste water treatment facility at one of its manufacturing plants in Charlotte, NC. The water we discharge into the city’s waste water system is as clean as the water we purchase.  For these conservation measures, CCBCC has been awarded the “Environmental Excellence Award” from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities Department for over seven years.


Water ConservationLike water conservation, improving air quality by reducing carbon emissions and saving petroleum-based fuel is also a top priority.  Our fleet of 2,500 light-duty vehicles travel approximately 40 million miles each year so beginning in 2004, CCBCC began a program to convert this fleet to hybrid vehicles significantly reducing use of petroleum-based fuels and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  CCBCC has recently taken the next step, in conjunction with Duke Power Company, of converting these vehicles to plug-in hybrids. This change further extends the efficiency of the standard hybrid by enabling these vehicles to travel 100 miles or more on a single gallon of gas.


At Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, we believe that our mission is to be a leader in service to our communities and responsible stewards of the God-given natural resources we use.  Our continued success lies in being responsive to the needs of our consumers while being good stewards as we strive to be “The Real Thing” not only in terms of refreshment but in good corporate citizenship.