In cooperation with Better Buildings’ “Better Plants Challenge,” Coca-Cola Consolidated has committed to reducing the Company’s energy use ratio 20% by 2028. Energy reduction projects implemented to date include:

  • Upgraded to LED lighting at 9 of 11 manufacturing locations.
  • Modernized can and bottle fillers in 3 plants to increase energy/water efficiency.
  • Enhanced production planning that includes longer run times, fewer clean-in-place rinses, and cold clean-in-place rinses to reduce energy and rinse time.
  • Light-weighting 12oz bottles and caps for all locations, resulting in less material waste and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Installation of blow mold bottle production at select facilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by shipping empty bottles.
  • Transitioned trash compactors at all 11 production facilities to Waste-to-Energy Incinerators, preventing 487 tons of greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere while creating 198 MWh of renewable energy – enough to power 19 homes for a year.

In 2023, Consolidated plans to add an additional blow mold line and new can and bottle fillers to continue lowering our carbon footprint.

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