Coca-Cola Consolidated is pleased to announce the promotions of Jed Thomas and Roni Jansen, recognizing their outstanding contributions and dedication to the Coca-Cola Consolidated customers, Company, its Teammates. 

Jed Thomas, with over 20 years of exemplary service at Coca-Cola Consolidated, has been promoted to the position of Senior Vice President of Equipment Services. Throughout his career, Thomas has not only excelled in driving results but has also been instrumental in nurturing talent and fostering key relationships within the marketplace and the Coca-Cola System.

In his new role, Thomas will help grow overall franchise business as well as foster and develop key relationships in the marketplace and within the Coca-Cola System.  

“I’m truly humbled by the opportunity to serve our team in an expanded capacity,” said Thomas, “I am grateful for the chance extended to me to continue to learn, teach and grow professionally, as well as have the chance to positively impact our company and broader beverage industry.” 

Roni Jansen, who has showcased exceptional performance across her eight years at Coca-Cola Consolidated, has been promoted to the role of Vice President Sales Operations and Strategy. Jansen’s ability to deliver impressive results, grow her team and cultivate relationships has been consistently evident throughout her career. 

Jansen will oversee sales operations, develop and implement sales strategies, set and track sales goals, motivate and coach her sales team, and build relationships with key customers and partners. 

“I feel profoundly honored to take on this role,” said Jansen, “My new role will significantly broaden my scope of understanding about how our system runs and how we plan for the future. I genuinely enjoy the complexity and challenge of the work we do.” 

These promotions not only signify individual achievements, but also underscore the Company’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent.  

Coca-Cola Consolidated is committed to creating a culture and work environment that puts the people behind the bottle—our One Team—first. We provide a comprehensive range of benefits, resources, and special programs to help our teammates grow and thrive, in a place where everyone has a Seat at the Table and can bring their whole self to work.   

Because behind every bottle, every mini can, every sparkling new flavor and timeless classic, is something much greater.

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