Coca-Cola Consolidated is more than just a beverage company. We are a company that cares about the communities we serve and continuously strive to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers, employees and partners. With more than 725 teammates in Baltimore, Maryland, we served countless hours supporting youth development, education, health and wellness, crisis assistance initiatives, veterans and first responders throughout Baltimore and beyond.

As the local bottler servicing more than 640 customers in the Baltimore area, we are honored to be involved in many initiatives that contribute to our commitment to giving back to the city where we work and live.

In November 2023, Coca-Cola Consolidated teamed up with the Baltimore Ravens, Safeway and Baltimore City Recreation and Parks to host a tree-planting event at Baltimore’s Chinquapin Park. More than 50 volunteers cut back invasive plants that were harming the current tree growth and planted new trees to enhance the park’s beauty and biodiversity. As Baltimore’s local bottler, we remain committed to protect and preserve what matters most, while building toward a more sustainable future.

Coca-Cola Consolidated teammates pose with Baltimore Ravens Mascot, Poe

Coca-Cola Consolidated also partnered with Baltimore Ravens, Safeway and Prison Fellowship, a Christian nonprofit that serves prisoners, former prisoners and their families, to provide support services, takeaway meal bags and gift cards.

“We believe that by coming together with partners like Prison Fellowship, Baltimore Ravens and Safeway, we can create a fun and meaningful event that lets these kids and their caregivers know that someone is looking out for them, and they are cared for,” said Joachim Rogers, Vice President, General Manager Central Market Unit.

Coca-Cola Consolidated volunteers also participated in a day-long sports camp with more than 100 local youth “Angel Tree Campers” and their caregivers. They were given a free pair of Nike sneakers and swag bags. Coca-Cola Consolidated was grateful to be part of this partnership and to help the participants both achieve their goals and know they are supported.

Volunteers help pack care packages while other volunteers coached youth

In addition, Coca-Cola Consolidated teamed up with the Baltimore community and some of its leaders to invest in and beautify the Madison-Eastend neighborhood and its Frank C. Bocek Park.


Coca-Cola Consolidated was honored to provide a $130,000 grant to landscape and paint wall murals within the neighborhood. Efforts also led to the financing of a new pavilion and the addition of park benches.


Two murals painted within the Madison-Eastend neighborhood

“Our commitment to beautify Madison-Eastend is about supporting our neighbors, caring for our friends, and fulfilling our commitment to inspire and serve,” said Leon Warner, Vice President of Manufacturing, Coca-Cola Consolidated.

Throughout the duration of the project, Coca-Cola Consolidated teammates, community members, and additional volunteers came out to support by planting trees, painting, cleaning up and picking up trash.

We’re constantly forging innovative partnerships and creating goodwill alongside community schools, local religious and recreational organizations, plus one of Baltimore’s most iconic pro sports teams. We are honored to continue being a part of the Baltimore community and are grateful to serve as its local bottler.

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