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Coca-Cola Consolidated Shares 5 Tips to Stay Hydrated in 2024

2024-02-09T14:35:20-05:00February 9, 2024|Uncategorized|

Did you know that drinking water can enhance your mood, memory and metabolism?

Water also helps control your body temperature, cushion your joints, and avoid headaches and fatigue. It’s an essential nutrient that supports your health and well-being.

As you power through your New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got five tips to help you stay hydrated and feel better in 2024.

Tip #1:

Start your day with a glass of water. This will help you wake up, flush out toxins and hydrate your cells. You can also add lemon, cucumber or mint to your water for some extra flavor and benefits. A good suggestion? Dasani or smartwater.

Tip #2:

Carry a recyclable water bottle. Carrying around a Dasani, smartwater or a regular water bottle with you will remind you to drink more water throughout the day. At Coca-Cola Consolidated, our bottles are made to be remade so once you’ve finished your drink, recycle the bottle so it can be remade into a new one.

Tip #3:

Drink water before, during and after meals. This will help you feel fuller, digest your food, absorb nutrients and avoid cravings. Aim for at least one glass of water with each meal, even more if you are eating spicy, salty or fried foods.

Tip #4:

Set reminders and track your intake. To avoid forgetting to drink water, you can set reminders on your phone, computer or smartwatch. You can also use apps or trackers to monitor how much water you are drinking and how it affects your mood, energy and health.

Tip #5:

If exercising or in the heat, also replenish with electrolytes. Electrolytes, such as sodium, calcium and potassium, are essential minerals (and enable your body to function properly. BODYARMOR, BODYARMOR LYTE and Powerade are examples of drinks that can make staying hydrated easier – and provide your body with the electrolytes it needs.


Happy hydrating!


How Coke Consolidated is Giving Back to the West Virginia Community

2024-01-25T12:23:58-05:00January 25, 2024|Community Engagement|

Coke Consolidated Teammates Celebrate Giving Back Efforts

Coca-Cola Consolidated has been a long-time partner and supporter of the community in West Virginia. As the local bottler employing more than 370 teammates within the state, we are committed to the communities we serve.  

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the West Virginia community and to make a positive impact in the lives of others alongside our teammates and partners,” said Joachim Rogers, Vice President, General Manager Central Market Unit, Coca-Cola Consolidated.  

Coke Consolidated Teammates Help Distribute Goods   

Serving others is part of our purpose. In Huntington, for the third year, we were able to provide 300 Thanksgiving meals to families at the A.D. Lewis Community Center, which offers a safe environment for youth to discover the arts, education and recreation. Beyond this, our teammates enjoy volunteering in a number of other capacities, such as with the Center’s camps.  

 “We are grateful to Coca-Cola Consolidated for their partnership with our Thanksgiving Dinner box giveaway,” said MaRia Hill, Director of A.D. Lewis Community Center. “Without their partnership we would not be able to serve our community in this capacity and we look forward to working with Coke Consolidated in the near future.” 

At Parkersburg Elementary School, Coke Consolidated continues to help when it matters most. Recently, more than 500 brand new shoes were given to the school, ensuring every student received a pair of shoes.  

Coke Consolidated Teammates Hold HOPE Packaged Bags  

Coke Consolidated has also partnered with the Children’s Home Society for five years, investing in the state’s youth to extend a pathway to opportunity. Children’s Home Society is a non-profit organization that provides services and programs for children and families across West Virginia, such as foster care, adoption, counseling, mentoring and residential care.  

Our teammates provided 1300 backpacks with non-perishable food, water, BODYARMOR and Powerade, and served hundreds of hours rebuilding a basketball court and completing a volleyball court. Additional efforts include providing food, drinks and backpacks for residents and staff to enjoy.

We extend our sincere appreciation for the amazing partnership that our organization has with Coca-Cola Consolidated,” said Mary White, CEO of Children’s Home Society. They have generously provided products at our events and volunteered at locations across the state. Staff at our emergency child shelter were amazed by the team of volunteers who came in, worked so hard and accomplished great things. Our children now have an amazing basketball court to enjoy every day – they can get outside, be active and have fun. We look forward to continuing this valuable partnership as we work together to make a difference.”   

In addition to serving the community in this capacity, Coke Consolidated has provided more than $7.6 million in state investments between 2019 and 2023 and served over 4,600 customers.  

“Giving of our time, talent and treasure is something we strongly believe in,” says Morris Howard, Director of Community Relations for Coca-Cola Consolidated. “We are living out our Purpose and honored for the opportunity to give back.” 

Learn more about our community efforts across Coke Consolidated HERE.

Baltimore Ravens and Coke Consolidated Team Up for Tree-Planting Event

2023-11-21T10:53:26-05:00November 21, 2023|Community Engagement, Sustainability|

Volunteers helped restore and beautify Chinquapin Park  

On Monday, October 30, the Baltimore Ravens, Safeway and Coca-Cola Consolidated partnered with Baltimore City Recreation and Parks to host a tree-planting event at Baltimore’s Chinquapin Park.   

Ravens players, cheerleaders, and mascot Poe joined Coca-Cola teammates and the Coca-Cola Consolidated Response Team to steward existing trees and plant new ones in the park. More than 50 volunteers cut back invasive plants that were harming the current tree growth and planted new trees to enhance the park’s beauty and biodiversity.

“I am just so grateful to have an experience like this,” said Aaron Bell, Coca-Cola Consolidated’s General Manager of Sales and Operations in Baltimore. “We’re doing this work so these folks in the community can continue to enjoy the park for years to come.” 

The event concluded with a community celebration featuring food trucks and giveaways for the residents of the nearby neighborhood. The volunteers received lunches provided by Safeway, the official grocery partner of the Baltimore Ravens. 

“We are grateful for the opportunity to be in the Baltimore community and to make positiveimpact alongside our partners. The actions taken by these volunteers will support tree growth for years to come” said Ravens vice president of community relations Heather Darney. 

Coca-Cola Consolidated is Baltimore’s local Coca-Cola bottler. We’re dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities where our teammates live and work, through initiatives such as water leadership, package recovery, and climate protection. 

Volunteers smile with newly planted tree 

The tree-planting event at Chinquapin Park was a great example of how the Ravens and Coca-Cola Consolidated worked together to make Baltimore a greener and cleaner place to live. 

More on Coke Consolidated’s sustainability efforts can be found here.

Boy Scout Exemplifies Commitment to Environment on America Recycles Day

2023-11-15T09:34:10-05:00November 15, 2023|Community Engagement, Sustainability|

Boy Scout Jimmy Adams shares his passion and tips for recycling

November 15, 2023 – As the country celebrates America Recycles Day, Coke Consolidated is saluting Charlotte-area Boy Scout Jimmy Adams’ recycling efforts in his community.

“I want to inspire others to Recycle. When we all work together, we can make a huge difference.” – Jimmy Adams

For the past two years, Jimmy has been collecting and sorting used bottles and cans so they can be made into new bottles and cans. Jimmy regularly stops by several recycling bins provided by Coca-Cola Consolidated and has collected more than 550 pounds of plastic bottles and aluminum cans that he’s taken to a local processor and partner of Coke Consolidated, R3cycle.

Throughout the year, Coke Consolidated collaborates with our customers and communities to create circular economies and increase the collection and reuse of packaging.

“It’s inspiring to hear stories like Jimmy’s,” said Todd Marty, Senior Director of Public Affairs and Sustainability. “He is an example of what the next generation of diverse servant leaders bring to the table. His persistence, hard work, and passion for the environment are wonderful to witness, and we appreciate his contributions to help get our bottles and cans back to make them into new ones.

Jimmy gave us an inside look into his collection process and shared more about his passion for recycling and how we can all be a part of protecting and preserving what matters most – the environment.



Q: How did you get interested in recycling?

A: I learned about recycling from my parents and teachers, and I started to collect cans, bottles, paper, and other things that can be reused. Recycling is fun and rewarding, and it makes me feel like I’m making a difference.

Q: What inspires you to recycle?

A: Recycling helps to save energy, water, and natural resources. By recycling, we can make new products from old materials, and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills or incinerators. Recycling is good for the planet and for the people

Q: What are some of the challenges or difficulties of recycling?

A: It’s easy to recycle! The most common mistake is people trying to recycle what they can’t. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a place to recycle certain items, especially if they are not accepted by the regular curbside collection. Another challenge is educating people about the importance of recycling and encouraging them to do it more often. Some people may not know how to recycle properly or may not care about the environmental impact of their actions.

Q: What are some tips or advice you can give to other people who want to recycle more?

A: There are many ways to recycle. Here are some of my tips:

  • Pay attention to the difference between trash cans and recycling barrels and respect the difference. Put your trash in the proper place and recycle in its proper place.
  • Check the labels and symbols on the items you buy and look for products that are made from recycled materials, or that can be recycled easily. Coke Consolidated’s bottles and cans are made to be remade.
  • Use reusable bags, bottles, containers, and utensils instead of disposable ones.
  • Compost your food scraps and yard waste or use them as fertilizer for your plants.
  • Join or start a recycling program at your school, workplace, or community, and spread the word about the benefits of recycling.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I want to continue recycling and learning more about how to protect the environment. I also want to inspire others to do the same, especially my friends and family. I believe that recycling is not only a habit, but a lifestyle, and a way to show respect and care for our planet and ourselves.




Jimmy plans on continuing his recycling efforts and aims to empower, educate, and inspire others to recycle as well. Any financial funds donated or received from Jimmy’s recycling efforts will be donated to the North Carolina Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund.

Coke Consolidated remains committed to its sustainability efforts and empowering the next generation of diverse servant leaders like Jimmy.

More on Coke Consolidated’s sustainability efforts can be found here.

Coca-Cola Consolidated Salutes Our Military Community

2023-11-10T10:28:32-05:00November 10, 2023|Community Engagement|

 We salute the 1,100 brave teammates who took the oath to selflessly serve our Country. We are grateful for your service and sacrifice.

Coca-Cola Consolidated is proud to support our military service members and their families. In alignment with this commitment, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Hiring Our Heroes allowing for deeper relationships with the military community across our territory.

“Coke Consolidated has a long-standing commitment to support and employ members of the military community,” said Christine Motherwell, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Coca-Cola Consolidated. “Building on this commitment, we took steps in 2023 to create a team dedicated to establishing and growing our first ever veteran and military spouse recruitment and retention initiative. This partnership with Hiring Our Heroes will help us welcome even more service members, veterans, and military spouses as Coke Consolidated teammates.”

This partnership with Hiring our Heroes will enable our Talent Acquisition team and Coca-Cola Consolidated teammates to meet and interact with transitioning service member, veteran, and military spouse job seekers at hiring events across our territory and on military bases.

We will also take part in Skillbridge internship programs through Hiring Our Heroes. The Department of Defense Skillbridge program lets transitioning military members acquire civilian work experience through an internship with employers in the final six months of service.

“Earlier this year, we launched a Veterans Resource Group (VRG) to connect military-affiliated teammates, like myself, and allies from across the company offering opportunities to become more engaged and developed personally and professionally,” said Steve Funderburke, Vice President of Manufacturing and Executive Sponsor of the VRG at Coke Consolidated. “We are excited to support our Military Initiatives team and participate in events and engagement opportunities available through the Hiring our Heroes partnership.”


Coke Consolidated Promotes Two New Leaders to Customer Management Team

2023-11-03T10:30:15-04:00November 3, 2023|Community Engagement|

Coca-Cola Consolidated is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Powers and Bruce Buffin to Vice President roles on the Customer Management team.  These proven leaders bring decades of extensive customer management experience and will position Coke Consolidated to navigate the rapidly changing customer and market landscapes.  

Brian Powers, a 16-year Coke Consolidated veteran, has been promoted to the position of Vice President – Grocery. In his new role, Powers will lead all aspects of the Grocery Team championing both the customer and business to drive value and deliver exceptional results.  

“I am humbled to be appointed as Vice President of Grocery,” said Powers. “This is a great opportunity to lead a talented and passionate team to deliver excellence and innovation in every interaction with our customers.” 

Bruce Buffin, a dedicated professional with over 27 years in the Coca-Cola system, has been promoted to the position of Vice President, National Retail Sales. In his new role, Buffin will lead the Walmart, Target, Value, Drug and eCommerce teams during a period of customer and consumer transformation.  

 “I am honored and excited to take on this role of Vice President of National Retail Sales,” said Buffin. “I look forward to continuing work with the Consolidated family to further improve how we serve the world’s best brands and flavors to our communities.”   

Please join us in congratulating Brian and Bruce on their well-deserved promotions. The experience, leadership, and passion they bring to their new roles will help position our Company for growth and strong results.  

Coke Consolidated Provides Hope through Hammers and Nails 

2023-10-25T08:15:18-04:00October 25, 2023|Community Engagement|


More than 2,200 volunteers  descended on West Charlotte the week of October 2nd as part of  Habitat for Humanity’s 37th Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.  Homeowners worked alongside Habitat Humanitarians and country music superstars  Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Habitat staff, and thousands of volunteers to build  27 new single-family homes.   

“It is not easy to create housing. We have a full-on housing crisis,” said Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International. “This is a wonderful demonstration of what’s possible when people of goodwill come together.” 

Twenty Coke Consolidated volunteers from the executive leadership team and Veterans Teammate Resource Group worked throughout the week on house #13, helping frame the walls, hang drywall and install windows for a deserving homeowner. 

“It’s emotional to know that you’re giving someone a home that they can be safe in and raise a family in,” said Senior Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis Matt Blickley. 

In addition to serving on a house, Coke Consolidated also  provided  refreshments for the week to all volunteersthat’s more than  50,000  bottles and cans provided.   

To keep the worksite clean and green, Coke Consolidated also created a closed loop  at the site, providing recycling bins to ensure bottles and cans were recycled.  All bottles and cans collected were taken to a Charlotte-owned recycling facility, R3cycle, and placed on the path to be remade into new bottles and cans.  

“Sustainability is very important at Coke Consolidated,” said Todd Marty, Senior Director of Sustainability. “As volunteers consume and stay hydrated, we want to ensure they recycle so every bottle we collect will go back to our processors to be remade into new bottles.” 

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood closed the event with a communal blessing of the homes, reflecting on the spirit of unity and hope experienced throughout the week.  

“May these homes be a beacon of light and love in the world and may they stand as a testament of the power of unity and compassion,” said Yearwood.


Coke Consolidated Enters Exclusive Multi-Year Partnership with Hall of Fame Village

2023-10-10T15:45:59-04:00October 10, 2023|Community Engagement|

CANTON, OHIOHall of Fame Village announced a new partnership with Coca-Cola Consolidated, the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States, bringing another world-class partnership to the Hall of Fame Village. As part of the multi-year agreement, Coca-Cola Consolidated will proudly serve as the “Exclusive Non-Alcoholic Beverage Provider” of the Hall of Fame Village, providing high-quality trademark products and delivering refreshments for all fans and guests across the Village campus to enjoy.

“We are absolutely delighted to partner with Coca-Cola Consolidated, a brand that shares our commitment to providing exceptional products that enhance our guest experience,” said Vic Gregovits, Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Hall of Fame Village. “This partnership is a great addition toHall of Fame Village as we continue to bring global brands into the family that represent excellence and allow us to provide the best in class products for this highly demanded category.”

As part of this new partnership, Coca-Cola Consolidated will proudly serve as the “Presenting Partner of the Hall of Fame Village mobile app. The Hall of Fame Village App enriches the experience for Village visitors by providing easy access to purchase tickets for rides and events,wayfinding, and more. The App brings it all conveniently to your mobile device. Additionally, Coca-Cola Consolidated will be the “Presenting Partner of an upcoming Gold Summit Gaming esports tournament, infusing a refreshing element into these already exciting competitions.

As Canton’s local bottler, were honored to be the Exclusive Non-Alcoholic Beverage Provider of the Hall of Fame Village,” said Matt Tartaglia, Vice President Market Unit Sales and Services. “We look forward to refreshing fans and guests as they create memories at this iconic destination.”

Coca-Cola products will be available campus-wide, extending its distribution to encompass the Hall of Fame Villages latest assets being constructed, including the Indoor Football-Themed Waterpark and the Hilton Tapestry Hotel.

Coca-Cola Consolidated makes, sells, and distributes beverages of The Coca-Cola Company and other partner companies and has more than 1,700 teammates in Ohio.

Coke Consolidated Kicks off Sponsorship with Charlotte Touchdown Club

2023-10-04T09:37:31-04:00October 4, 2023|Uncategorized|

CHARLOTTE, NC – Today, the  Charlotte Touchdown Club  announced a multi-year sponsorship agreement with  Coca-Cola Consolidated for its annual  Bronko Nagurski Trophy  and  Awards Banquet. 

The Bronko Nagurski Trophy, created in 1993 by the  Football Writers Association of America,  is awarded annually to the best all-around defensive player in college football and is presented by the Charlotte Touchdown Club during the Bronko Nagurski Award Banquet held each year on the first Monday in December.  

This year’s event will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center and net proceeds benefit the Charlotte Touchdown Club Scholarship Fund.  Finalists for this season’s Bronko Nagurski Trophy will be announced on November 16th.  For ticket information call 704-347-2918 or visit www.touchdownclub.com 

The Touchdown Club and Coke Consolidated partnership kicks off with the 2023 Bronko Nagurski Awards Banquet set for Monday, December 4  featuring keynote speaker  Sonny Dykes -  Head Football Coach at Texas Christian Universityand the 2022National Coach of the Year.  CBS Sports Studio Host,  Adam Zucker, is slated as Master of Ceremonies and Clemson University’s  Jeff Davis, from the class of 1981, will also be honored as the 2023  Legends of the Year Award recipient. The recipient of the  Defender of the Nation Award will be announced on October 26th. 

“On behalf of everyone associated with the Charlotte Touchdown Club, we are excited and honored to welcome Coca-Cola Consolidated on board as presenting sponsor for the Bronko Nagurski Trophy and Awards Banquet,” said  John Rocco, Touchdown Club Executive Director.  “Thanks to Coca-Cola Consolidated’s support, we look forward to continuing our mission of supporting athletics at all levels across the Charlotte, North Carolina region and to beginning a new partnership with Brookstone Schools whose mission is to equip under-resourced students academically, socially, and spiritually for future lives of leadership and service.”  


“As Charlotte’s local bottler, we are committed to giving back to the communities we live in and serve,” said  Heather Hucks, Vice President of Consumer Connections at Coca-Cola Consolidated. “This new partnership with Charlotte Touchdown Club amplifies student athletes in our local community who embody citizenship, leadership and sportsmanship preparing them to be fantastic community leaders both on the field and off the field.”  

The  Bronko Nagurski Trophy is a member of the National College Football Awards Association (NCFAA), which was founded in 1997 as a coalition of the major collegiate football awards to protect, preserve and enhance the integrity, influence and prestige of the game’s predominant awards. The NCFAA encourages professionalism and the highest standards for the administration of its member awards and the selection of their candidates and recipients. For more information, visit the association’s official website,  www.NCFAA.org. 

Founded in 1941, the  Football Writers Association of America  consists of journalists, broadcasters, publicists, photographers and key executives in all areas of college football. The FWAA works to govern media access and game-day operations while presenting awards and honors, including an annual All-America team. For more information about the FWAA and its programs and initiatives, contact Executive Director Steve Richardson at 214-870-6516 or tiger@fwaa.com. 

Coke Consolidated Stays Plugged In Esports

2023-09-18T11:12:25-04:00September 18, 2023|Company News|

Carolina Esports Hub announced a multi-year agreement with Coca-Cola Consolidated to become an Official Partner of its Charlotte Phoenix professional esports team and Stay Plugged In (SPIN), the premier recruiting platform for esports scholarships.

Over the past year, hundreds of students have accepted offers to play varsity college esports through the Stay Plugged In platform. The students received nearly $10 million in scholarship support with 40 best high school esports competitors in Rocket League and VALORANT to make up the inaugural 2023 Stay Plugged In All-Stars team.

“With the backing of a great partner like Coca-Cola Consolidated, the Stay Plugged In Coca-Cola All-Stars campaign will raise awareness of opportunities for high school students in esports,” said Scott Hollingsworth, Chief Operating Officer, Stay Plugged In.

All-Stars will be chosen by a Selection Committee consisting of leading industry figures and representatives of Coca-Cola Consolidated. The Committee is looking for the next college player – selection will focus on in-game technical skills, performance in competitions, evaluation of submitted gameplay clips, as well as intangible traits like teamwork and sportsmanship.

“Coca-Cola Consolidated is proud to join Stay Plugged In in recognizing gaming’s growing role in collegiate sports. We want to see gamers succeed in competition and life and look forward to having the spotlight shine on them” said Dan Holmes, SVP of Commercialization and Brand Marketing with Charlotte-based Coca-Cola Consolidated.


All-Star Weekend takes place December 14 – 16 where All-Stars will meet college recruiters and show off their skills in combine-like challenges and cap the weekend off with the official All-Star tournament.

The tournament features $20,000 in prizing available with a format that sees that every player receive a minimum of $250.

“The All-Stars campaign serves as a testament to the growing opportunities in college esports”, said Sergio Brack, Director of Esports at University of Maryland. “By bridging the gap between high school and collegiate esports, this campaign introduces an unprecedented opportunity for students to showcase their talents and potential.”

Students can nominate themselves or receive nominations from their peers until November 1st, 2023.

Learn more about the competition here.

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