Coca-Cola Consolidated, the District’s local Coca-Cola bottler, the Wizards and non-profit organization Casey Trees planted 25 trees, including multiple cherry blossoms, to celebrate the Wizards’ 25th anniversary since rebranding to the Wizards name.


The new cherry blossom trees were planted at the Royal Courts apartments located in Southeast, D.C. The tree planting was commemorated with a Wizards and Cherry Coke branded park bench made of 100% recycled Coca-Cola bottles.  


DJ Heat, Wizards Dancers, G Wiz and alumni Phil Chenier and Harvey Grant were all be on hand to celebrate the cherry blossom season and to commemorate the event. Members of the Ward 8 community, including residents of the Royal Courts Apartments, attended a ribbon cutting ceremony with Cherry Coke floats, Wizards giveaways, and more.


According to Casey Trees, tree planting helps with stormwater absorption, clean air and mitigating climate change and heat. For every $1 spent on trees, from planting to maintenance, there is a $2.23 return on investment. Each year, D.C. trees filter 44,274,580 cubic feet of water. This is equal to about 500 Olympic-size pools. In 2022 alone, Casey Trees planted over 5,000 trees throughout the District. 

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