Coke Consolidated President and COO Dave Katz recently joined Ethan Kapstein, Associate Partner at Steward Redqueen, at POLITICO’s Building the New American Economy event and shared insights on how local bottlers are impacting thriving local economies.

Picture 1: COO Dave Katz chats with Ethan Kapstein, Associate Partner at Steward Redqueen.
Picture 2: Left to right: SVP of Public Affairs Brent Tollison; VP of Government Affairs Jennifer Richmond; President and COO Dave Katz; VP Assistant to the President and COO Chelsea De Leon; and VP of Communications Josh Gelinas.

Coca-Cola Consolidated employs more than 17,000 teammates across 14 states and the District of Columbia – North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and Illinois.

A recent study showed the Coca-Cola system, made up of independently owned bottlers that work with a network of manufacturers, suppliers and service workers, accounts for $57.8 billion in value-added economic activity to the U.S. economy.

Click below to view state level economic impact in Coca-Cola Consolidated’s Territory. See the results at

120 Years of Thriving Local Economies

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